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Staff Roles


This team is responsible for providing all of the day activities at GN19. A variety of activities will be on offer at GN19 covering adventurous, creative, traditional and sporting zones.


This team is responsible for registration of participants, administration of applications, camp finance and the control of information onsite


The catering team is responsible for staff, participant and leader catering. The team also helps to maintain food hygiene standards across site.

Evening Entertainment

The team are responsible for running all of the evening entertainment at GN19 and also helping to devise and manage any events and ceremonies

First Aid

The team is responsible for the first aid cover of the Grampian Nights site.

Food QM

The food QM team is responsible for procuring all of the provision required onsite and distributing them to each group on a daily basis.


The reception team are the first point of contact for all participants, leaders and staff onsite. They will also meet any visitors to site and provide tours if necessary.

Site Services

The site services team is responsible for the set-up and take down of the Grampian Nights site. During camp they are responsible for water, power, waste management, toilet/shower facilities and heavy canvas.


Each subcamp has a small team of staff who organise and manage their subcamp - providing support to the leaders and groups allocated to them.


This team is responsible for the movement of equipment on and offsite and the transport of participants to activity sessions.