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Organising Team

The GN19 organising team is made up of volunteers from Aberdeen Scout District.

We will be introducing you to each member of the organising team in the run up to GN19.


Camp Chief - TBC


Info Hub

The info hub is responsible for all admin, finance and reception aspects of the camp. The hub looks after all participant and staff applications and will be your first point of contact for everything to do with GN19.

Programme Hub

The programme hub is responsible for the day activities at GN19 and managing the large activity staff team. The hub also has responsibility for managing the HSE and marketing/communication teams.

Site Hub

The site hub is responsible for the site services, logistics and site QM teams. The hub also co-ordinates the site set-up and take down.

Catering Hub

This hub is responsible for everything food, including the food QM, participant and staff catering. The hub also has responsibility for merchandise.

Event Hub

The event hub looks after the evening entertainment at Grampian Nights and are always up for a party! The hub also co-ordinates all events and ceremonies.

People Hub

The people hub is there for you. Looking after subcamps, the staff team, security and first aid cover.


The team is joined and assisted by an Aberdeen District liaison, Aberdeen Guiding liaison and Templars’ Park liaison.