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Camp basics 

What is Grampian Nights 2019?

Grampian Nights (GN19) is a national activity camp open to all Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Guides & Senior Section across Scotland and the UK which is being organised by Aberdeen District Scouts, in conjunction with Templars’ Park Scout Campsite. International Scouts & Guides are also welcome to attend.


GN19 is taking place at Templars’ Park Scout Campsite, Aberdeen.

When is the camp?

The camp takes place from Thursday 1st August through to Monday 5th August 2019.

Who is it for?

GN19 is open to all Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Guides & Senior Section who are 10 years old or over to 18 years of age at the time of the camp. Groups/Troops/Units must also be accompanied by appropriate number of leaders.


Camping logistics

Will there be Sub Camps?

The camp will be arranged around sub camps and Group/Troops/Units as a whole will be allocated to one of the sub-camps.

What type of camping will it be?

Camping will be in the style of normal Group/Troop/Unit camps. Groups/Troops/Units will be allocated a camping pitch area within a sub-camp dependent on their group size.

What equipment will Troops/Units need?

Groups/Troops/Units will need to bring their own sleeping tents, store tent, dining shelters and cooking/catering equipment (see below).

What are the catering & cooking arrangements?

The camp will be fully catered in that all food/supplies will be provided and Groups/Troops/Units will be responsible for preparing and cooking their allocated food.

All breakfast and lunch meals will be provided centrally by the camp catering team.

All cooking is to be done over gas stoves (no petrol stoves or wood fires) and therefore Groups/Troops/Units should provide appropriate cooking facilities and equipment to cater for their group size. A replacement gas service will be available to purchase additional supplies.

There will be no wood fires/ground fires/alter fires on the site without prior approval of the core camp team.

What facilities will be available?

Within each sub-camp there will be a central area and marquee, but groups should be self sufficient from a sleeping, storage and cooking point of view.

Ratio of participants / Leaders

Groups/Troops/Units must also be accompanied by appropriate number of Leaders. The appropriate number of leaders should follow the recommended ratios as per POR and the Guiding manual e.g. for Scouts there should be 1 adult/leader per 12 scouts plus one other leader. For Explorer Scouts there is no set ratio but there should be a minimum of two leaders. For Guides there should be 1 adult/leader per 12 guides with a minimum of at least three.


Sub Camps

How will the Sub Camps operate?

Sub camps will be made up of approximately 100 people and will vary in terms of the number of groups within each one. Groups/Troops/Units will be allocated a set area (size to be determined) dependent on their group numbers and all sleeping, storage, dining and cooking facilities must be fitted into these areas.

Each sub-camp will be led by a sub-camp leader and small team, whose responsibility is to look after the groups, ensure they have the things that they need, food is allocated, activities allocated and that the timetable/programme is maintained. There may also be various sub-camp joint activities and events during the camp.

Will there be a theme?

To be confirmed – GN19 will probably have an overall theme and the sub-camps will fit into this as appropriate. More details to follow.



What activities are going to be taking place?

There will be a range of activities available covering the programme zones of the Scout and Explorer Scout sections, with an emphasis on Outdoor and Adventure.

Day activities

There will be a programme of day activities taking place over 3 days of the camp, providing groups the opportunity to take part in a range suitable to the age groups.

Evening activities

As well as day activities, there will be various evening activities, either within the sub camps or as whole camp including things like ceilidhs, parties, campfires and sub-camp competitions.


There will be a handful of “formal” ceremonies including an opening ceremony, main campfire, Scout’s Own and a closing ceremony.



How much will the camp cost?

Participants - £100

Leaders (those accompanying and looking after their groups) - £50

Camp Staff – £50

When are Deposits and payments required?

Details to be confirmed.

Are payments refundable?

No (although circumstances will be taken into account, and, if replacements can be found).


Data Protection

All details will be held centrally by the Info Hub team. Details will only be used for purposes of the camp and will not be used or provided to others for any other purpose.


Adult Volunteers

Which adults can attend the camp?

Members of the Scout and Guide associations – e.g. warranted leaders, occasional helper, etc.

PVG/DBS / Safeguarding requirements

Valid PVG/DBS will be required – as well as completion of mandatory training modules required for warranted leaders including First Response.

Can non-Scout/Guide members attend?



Other Items

Staff/Leader Children (Under 10’s)

Leaders and staff are welcome to bring their children (who are too young to participate in the main camp) to GN19. For children of staff/leaders aged 5 or over the camp fee is £40. For children under 5 the charge is a £10 administration fee. Unfortunately GN19 does not have the facilities to run a crèche during camp.

Transport Links

Trains & Buses: Aberdeen train and bus station

Airports: Aberdeen International Airport

Transport can be provided from the train/bus station and airport for groups travelling by public transport.

Will Uniform be required?

Yes – full smart uniform will be required for some aspects of the camp (full uniform includes either Kilt or smart/activity trousers as normally worn by the Group/Troop/Unit)

Will there be ID during the camp?

Yes – participant/leaders neckers and id badges/wristbands will be provided along with a camp badge. These must be worn at all times during the camp.

Will there be alcohol? Will there be an alcohol policy?

The Scout Association alcohol policy will be followed. There will be no alcohol in the sub camps or in the presence of young people.

There will be an Adult Hub for camp staff (and which leaders will be able to use).